Spa Suction Tee c/w Bung

Spa Suction Tee c/w Bung
Brand: Edgetec Systems Pty Ltd
Model Code: 1360
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Spa Suction Tee c/w Bung
Flexi Flange Spa suctions comply AS1926.Part 3 2010, approval # QLT 112212 2793
Self-draining Tee body allows no water retention to a maximum angle of 20°.
Flexible flange moulds to the shape of the bath or pool ensuring a total sealing area on angled or uneven surfaces. Flexi Flange is available on the 40mm Tee & 40mm Straight.
The body thread & suction nut combine to make a piston seal to ensure that a liberal coverage of silicon is pushed in and around the fibreglass and acrylic section cut by the hole saw.
The spa suction has a flow rate of 192 Lpm.
The spa cover has no screws on the face and has a positive catch arrangement for easy colour change or cleaning.
Hole size required 60mm.