Diverter Valve 50 mm-Grey

Diverter Valve 50 mm-Grey
Brand: Edgetec Systems Pty Ltd
Model Code: 2900-GR
Product Code (SKU): 2900-GR
Availability: 98 (L X W X H): 188.00 x 140.00 x 100.00 Weight: 0.25
Price: $38.68 AUD
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Diverter Valve 50 mm-Grey
  • One piece moulded cap for extra strength and ease of grip.
  • 15 position spline for easy cap alignment.
  • Reduced cap diameter.
  • Lip seal on the spool shaft to prevent pressure leakage.
  • High-Flow design of the diverter spool to disperse the water evenly.
  • Tighter tolerances to minimise bypass.
  • Integral pockets in the back of the spool to trap dirt and sand and prevent jamming. When the valve rotates the pockets are automatically flushed.
  • Hole size required is 80mm.