Euro Jet White

Euro Jet White
Brand: Edgetec Systems Pty Ltd
Model Code: 2012-WH
Product Code (SKU): 2012-WH
Availability: 92 (L X W X H): 65.00 x 45.00 x 45.00 Weight: 0.12
Price: $5.91 AUD
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Euro Jet White
The Euro Jet is designed to give optimum performance using lower water flow with increased airflow during the venturi operation.
Euro Jet is fully adjustable, turning the jet anti clockwise for the fully open position and clockwise for the off position.
Note: in the off position a minimal amount of water will still flow from the jet.
This is to ensure that the pump will still get adequate water should all the jets be turned to the off position during spa operation).
Euro Jet bodies are available in 25mm (hard plumb) or 19mm barbed (soft plumb) and are manufactured in PVC.
Jet face diameter is 42mm and the hole size required is 28mm.