Even Flow

All 12V and 24V Marine Water Pressure Systems

All RV and Caravan Water Pressure Systems



FOR ALL 12V and 24 V Pumps in Marine and RV Water Pressure Systems
The Pressure Sensor measures the pressure in the pump discharge line and adjusts the speed of the pump motor to maintain a constant set pressure.
The control box has an adjustable pressure setting with a resolution of 1.2 kPa and the adjustable range 1-5 bar. This allows the user to fine tune the pump system to suit the water plumbing system.
The pressure controller will work with any 12V pump and pressure can be adjusted to suit.

Eliminates the water hammer from the pump and pressure system
Can be retro fitted to any 12V or 24 V DC Pump
Pump will automatically detect voltage and adjust settings for voltage
Reduces water consumption
Reduces battery consumption
Provides smooth constant flow water pressure